Principal Message

From empowering minds to shaping futures, our principal’s message stands as a guiding beacon of inspiration, fostering excellence and growth within our educational community.


Welcome to the Paradigm Academy where we believe in crafting futures by illuminating minds and hearts! Paradigm is not just another coaching center but it is an ultimate solution to the myriads of problems that students of SSC and HSSC may face while striving for better understanding of their courses. Our primary objective is to empower our students with such knowledge, skills and values that help them shape their future endeavors.At Paradigm, we aim to create a stimulating learning environment that encourages curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity.

By engaging modern teaching methodologies that are interactive and engaging, our dedicated, highly qualified and well experienced teachers ensure exceptional scores of our students in board examinations.One of our core strengths is our proactive approach towards education.

Our teachers are not just facilitators but also mentors who guide students on their educational journey. We believe in instilling a growth mindset that inspires students to overcome challenges and reach their fullest potential.


Paradigm Knowledge System (Private) Limited

Ch. Rehmat Ali Plaza

Sitara Market,

G7 Markaz,Islamabad.


Phone:  +92 308 5133 320


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